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Lively, energetic, passionate and enthusiastic,
Meghan  believes beauty comes in many forms, shapes and sizes; everyone and everything carries beauty in their own unique way, and Meghan is honored to be the Stylist to redefine that beauty to her guests.

Meghan loves making people feel their best, through multi-dimensional highlighting, precision blow out styling and a knock your socks off edgy::trendy cuts and exotic color blends. Meghan’s mission is to always ensure each guest leaves feeling empowered and important. Her effervescent demeanor and vibrant style will be one you gravitate to and crave more of for your personal beauty needs.

A few of my faves…..

PRICING- Top 3 services

Seamless Color Melting starting at $140

Love the “ombre” style look without the harsh lines?  Welcome Color Melting!  Melting is a technique that subtly blends dimensional highlights or lowlights with the base color of the hair, resulting in a lovely, seamless, sun-kissed look.

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$20 1st Hair Color visit, valid Monday-Thursday with me. 1st time guests only please!