“Create your own style…let it be unique to yourself and yet identifiable for others”~ Anna Wintour Chase’s’s philosophy is that your look is your signature style….this is not something Chase takes lightly. Everything fascinates this open-minded man, especially chic, new approaches to current beauty trends. Chase comes to INNOVATIONS with 6 amazing years of experience creating the most exclusive, head turning looks with individualized finesse. “What I love about the beauty industry is a vast conglomerate of diversity, versatility and the artistic leniency of creating a multitude of looks and styles. It’s also incredibly fulfilling to help people unveil the potential of their features, allowing them to naturally feel more beautiful and confident. To create a custom tailored experience for every guest based on their needs and to make the comfortable easing into any new transition they might be contemplating. My desire is that my guests should always be open and feel in safe hands with me” reveals Chase. A personalized consultation with Chase’s unique style enhancing suggestions, expertise in all aspects of his craft with a kick of distinct character results in glorious certainty of his guests’ persona for the unveiling of their revamped image debut.

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