Innovations was the 1st in Central New York to become a Ouidad Certified Salon and has been going strong for over 5 years. One by one, we enthusiatically introduced our curly haired guests to the carving and slicing method of cutting to remove bulk and the rake & shake method of styling to remove frizz…..resulting in the soft, silky curls that nature intended. Prices based upon years of Ouidad experience.


1st Time Ouidad Carve & Slice with Intensive treatment & Signature Finish


Ouidad is a haircut and styling method specifically designed to tame naturally curly hair. This patent slicing and carving technique was designed to gently and effectively reduce bulk and frizz of the hair in a non-chemical service. Your Certified Ouidad Stylist will strategically carve and slice your curls to make them fall beautifully together.  Ouidads signature styling techniques will diminsh all frizz in your hair.  Your stylist will walk you through each step of this technique so that you may successfully style your silky curls at home.  The Ouidad Deep Treatment is highly suggested with this visit to enhance and properly prep your curls for the Ouidad technique. Prices based upon years of Ouidad Experience.  We sell the full line of Ouidad products to suit your curl’s every need. Don’t forget to purchase them to style your hair at home.

Ouidad Carve & Slice with Signature Finish


The Ouidad cut needs to be maintained every 3-4 months. Regular trims can be done in between if needed.  Design Texture may be addes for additional crown support for heavy hair.  Ouidad Deep Treatment is suggested with each and every cut and also may be purchased to be done at home once a month to maintain healthy, silky, hydrated curls.  Follow Up Ouidad Cuts with Master stylists are $80. Ouidad Master stylists are Sarah M. and Melissa.

Ouidad Signature Style


Witness for yourself how the Ouidad system can transform your unruly curls into silky, healthy curls without the use of harsh chemicals.  Learn to celebrate your curls.  Our Ouidad stylists will wipe away your tears of styling frustartion for good! Great service for a special evening out, shopping with the gals or to simply learn about how Ouidad will tame YOUR curls!

Ouidad Intensive Treatment


The Ouidad Intensive Treatment is a vital step in restoring and maintaining your hair’s health and beauty. This treatment contains a combination of proteins and moisturizers that  effectively penetrate the hair to bond with the cuticle, leaving dry frizzy hair revived and restructured for enhanced performance.  This trreatment may be added to any Ouidad service, may not be done alone.  Pricing depends on length and denisty of the hair. We sell the full line of Ouidad products to suit every need of your curl’s. Don’t forget to purchase them to style your hair at home.