Massage by definition~the scientific manipulation of the soft tissues of the body, consisting primarily of hands-on techniques such as applying fixed or moveable pressure, moving muscles and body tissues. Our definition of massage~pure body indulgence. 30, 60 or 90 minutes of deep relaxation and body therapy in a cozy, comfortable atmosphere to soother the mind, body and soul.


Swedish Massage~ 30 Min/60 Min/90 Min


Swedish massage calms the mind, body, & spirit. Helps alleviate stiffness and fatigue, as well as improves circulation while soothing you into pure bliss. Can choose add-ons to make experience more soothing or effective to target areas of need. Available in 30, 60 and 90 minutes.

Sensory Massage~ 30 Min/60 Min/90 Min


A slice of pure heaven… Swedish massage including your choice of 100% pure and organic essential oils and hot moist towel service to each massaged body area. Intensely relaxing and therapeutic.

Sweet Momma Pregnancy Massage~ 30 Min/60 Min/ 90 Min


This delightful massage allows new mommy to lie on her stomach with a custom built table to support her growing baby through all stages of pregnancy.  From the 1st month to the last week, this lighter touch massage will help reduce swelling while treating overall body fatigue and target sore areas. A treat every pregnant woman should indulge in!!

Hot Stone Massage~ 45 Min/75 Min-/90 Min


Deeply relaxing full body massage with hot stones. Balance and revitalize your soul while relaxing every muscle in your body with this heat treatment like no other! Also great for treating arthritis.

Deep Tissue Massage~ 30 Min/60 Min/90 Min


Uses customized therapeutic blends of deep tissue massage techniques to penetrate the muscles deeply. A deep, therapeutic massage that is both pleasurable and highly beneficial. This massage utilizes flowing techniques to open locked muscles and release toxins: a tension-relieving experience unlike any other.

Gemini Twin 4 Hands Swedish Massage Experience

Price:$160~ 4 hands, 2 Therapists

Expressive and Indulgent, Gemini Twins 4 Hands Swedish Massage Therapy captivates the psyche for the ULTIMATE rejuvenating experience.  Rachel and Marie simultaneously infuse long, lucid massage strokes together with energy balancing Reiki to bring forth a greater sense of renewal and relaxation.  Release total control during 75 minutes of massage bliss with this sensational experience.

Trigger Pointe Massage~ 60 Min/90 Min


A body massage concentrating on finding and treating pain referring trigger points throughout the body or in specific areas of pain. Can be effective in reducing and eliminating tension headaches, neck pain, and upper back/shoulder pain.

Sinus Relief Massage~ 30 Min


This extremely effective 30 minute treatment is sure to give your sinuses relief!! Includes attention to sinus pressure points in hands and feet, the use of specific essential oils effective in sinus and respiratory conjestion relief, hot towels, and massage concentration to the face and sinus areas. Great for sinus headache sufferers and treatment during cold and allergy seasons.  Fee $50

Rejuvenating Massage~ 75 Min


The Cadillac of all massages!! A full body massage including custom blended essential oils, hot towel service, aroma scrub to hands and feet, finishing with warm paraffin wax to hands and feet. Treat yourself to this very relaxing and rejuvenating body treatment!  Fee $125.

Spiritual Balancing Reiki Massage


Soothe your body and soul with a Spiritual Balancing Reiki Massage.  75 minutes of warm, soothing deep penetrating massage strokes infused with energy balancing, spiritual well being, a Reiki aura sweep and light reflexology. This combination of practices results in the Ultimate experience for harmonious mental and physical relaxation and renewal.

Fire and Ice Therapeutic Massage


Work. Eat. Sleep. For too many this is what the daily routine boils down to. Whether you’ve noticed it yet or not, that kind of schedule can have adverse effects on your body. Untreated and persistent stress, tense muscles and even a lack of relaxation can wear the body down mentally and physically.  Fortunately, these symptoms of time-constraints can be eased with even a single Fire and Ice 75 minute Therapeutic Massage!

Raindrop Therapy~ 45 minutes


In this 45 minute treatment, Young Living Essential Oils are placed & massaged along the spine stimulating every organ, muscle, & bone at a cellular level. For this aromatic therapy, you will be fully clothed except back and feet.  This healing therapy is starts with a soothing vitaflex foot massage and ends in pure therapeutic bliss. Fee $90

Tension Erasing Reflexology~ 45 Min


Bring about harmonious alignment of bodily functions through specific pressure applied to targeted points on hands and feet. Calms nervous system,induces deep relaxation while reducing stress and anxiety. You will feel like you are walking on air!! Treatment includes cleansing foot wash & warm paraffin wax.  Add 15 minutes to any Massage for $10 (depending on Therapist availability)

Couples room - add $10 per person

Price:$10 per person

Enjoy the company of a friend or loved one during your massage.  Our special couples room allows for two massages to be performed side by side by two massage therapists. Perfect for a special date or anniversary. When booking a couples massage, you must call the salon to insure the proper booking.