A True Spa Pedicure Experience

A True Spa Pedicure Experience

Cleanliness of our procedure vs. their procedure

Pedicure whirlpool chairs are wreaking health havoc across the US.

We all love the amazingly relaxing and “clean” feeling after a wonderful pedicure, but that “clean” feeling can be deceiving if you received your pedicure in a whirlpool chair.
If you are visiting a Salon or Spa that has whirlpool chairs, that aren’t using a disposable liner and;or taking apart the drain and running a cleaning solution through for 10 minutes in between guests then you may be putting yourself at serious health risks….

Click Here to view information about pedicure spa dangers

At INNOVATIONS we believe in eliminating any and all risk of harmful bacteria during your Spa service. Life gives us enough worries, the last thing you need to worry about is if you are going to get an infection during your manicure or pedicure service. Over a year go we ditched our dangerous pedi spa chairs for a healthy alternative…research had shown that when pedicure pipes are not properly cleaned (which new standards had come out with strict cleaning instruction that would make it virtually impossible to clean the pedicure spas to standard in between guests), bacteria, skin and hair particles as well as product residue gather in the pipes and can cause horrifying, dangerous infections.

Our chairs vs. theirs…….

Indulge in pure Spa therapy, visit our NEW Pedicure Lounge, complete with body, mind and spirit relaxation in a massaging, zero gravity chair.

Zero Gravity Recliners are designed to relieve the body of the pressures experienced in an upright position. By extending the lower legs above the heart, the spine is allowed to decompress. This position has several benefits including:

Less pressure on the spine
Reduce stress on the heart
Relieve muscle tension
Less pressure on the heart and expanded lung capacity
Increased circulation and increased blood oxygen levels

This is not only for comfort, stress relief and relaxation, but for health and wellness benefits. Guests will have the choice to be able to be serviced either upright or while laying back during their Pedicure service. There will be a beautiful resin basin for soaking but the product will be removed with ultra soft aromatherapy steamed towels and new aromatherapy products will be used for spiritual balancing and harmony. The procedure will be much more luxurious than what you are experiencing at other Salons and have experienced in the past.

Pedicure options~

Signature Hot Towel Pedicure~ The perfect pick-me-up during a long winter of wearing thick socks and heavy boots or a mandatory essential for flip flop and stiletto season! After a soothing soak, nails and cuticles are expertly clipped and shaped, soles exfoliated and scrubbed, followed by a scrumptious foot and ankle massage and your choice of colour….polished to perfection. Hot towels are the perfect addition to a unique spa experience. ($32)

Spa Hot Towel Aromatherapy Pedicure~ Designed for a flawless Spa experience. Feet & legs are refreshed with a veil of spritzer, nails & cuticles are tended to while intense peel solutions are put to work for the ultimate in exfoliation while a selection of scrubs & moisturizers are put to the test to give you optimum skin therapy benefits. Hot towels & aromatherapy scents are the perfect combination of luxury and relaxation. Heavenly foot massage and a splash of nail colour and you’ll be ready to go barefoot with confidence. ($42)

Hot Stone Pedicure~ Your feet bear the entire weight of your body, hot stones generate heat to the muscles so they can relax & rejuvenate! Pressure points on your feet can stimulate senses all through your body, You will feel truly refreshed after this treatment! Hot stones relax cramps in knotted muscles, heat releases toxins in these areas. Long, deep penetrating warm massage stokes with hot stones relax tired legs and feet and stimulate a feeling of euphoria throughout your soul. ($52)

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