At INNOVATIONS our team’s top priority

is your appearance.

From head to toe, we have nailed down

the PERFECT assortment of professional hair, skin, cosmetic and body care products,
with proven track records for the comfort and care of YOU! 


Professional products are a tool, just like a blow dryer, scissors or make-up brushes. You can’t cut, blow dry or blend in strength, moisture, or elasticity….Nor can you build a look without these tools.

We consider our guests use of professional products a way to resolve challenges they may be experiencing at home with the look and feel of their hair, skin and nails.  Generally speaking, professional products use gentler surfactants (cleansers), are more concentrated, and have higher levels of ingredients that produce true results.

More than anyone else, the Pro’s at INNOVATIONS

see what damaging effects occur

when our guest’s uses non-professional or “drug store” brands.

We want YOU to experiences what “miracles” occur when a choose to purchase one of our hand-picked, preferred salon brands.

Check out what we have chosen for you