Say goodbye to unsightly facial hair. Our waxing experts will gently, safely remove unwanted hair to restore your confidence and make you feel great.


Eye Brow Shaping~Wax

Price: $15

Experience brow shaping at it’s finest.   Our professionals custom shape brows precisely with minimal irritation to the brow and upper eye area, resulting in a perfectly flawless finish.

***we offer brow shading and Microblading as additional brow enhancing services**

Upper Lip Wax

Price: $12

Temporarily and effectively remove unwanted dark or “peach fuzz” vellus hair on the upper lip area for a smooth finish.

**we offer Laser hair removal for stubborn hair as an additional service**

Chin or Side Burn Wax

Price: $15

Swiftly remove unwanted hair on the chin or in the side burn area for smooth skin.

**we offer Laser hair removal as a more long term hair reduction option**

Dermaplaning for Full Face~ Removes all unwanted dark and blonde hair, as well as dry skin

Price: $55

Temporarily remove all unwanted dark and blonde hair as well as visible patches of dry skin during an all over full face Threading treatment.  You will be amazed at the silky smooth feel of your skin for weeks!